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OPENING RECEPTION: Friday August 11 (7:50 pm- 7:55 pm)

The Mexicans Folk Ballet created under de artistic direction of Jorge Zarate Tristan, is a Dance Company established with the goal of sharing and spreading the cultural roots of Mexico through shows based on the dynamism, aesthetics and polychrome of the Mexican folklore, in order to promote the love of the Mexican traditions and customs through the combination of dance and music supported by the great cultural heritage of Mexico.

Through an impressive display of dance styles, costumes and scenography, over 50 performers, including adults and youth, will take the stage to showcase the diversity of folklore and traditions that enrich Mexican cultural heritage.

Despite The Mexicans Folk Ballet short time, their Artistic Director Jorge Zarate Tristan has steered the group to gain recognition from the artistic community of Toronto. The Mexicans Folk Ballet was awarded the second place in the 2012 International Folk Dance Competition at the Chin Picnic Festival, in 2014 they participate in the Festival of Cultures in Guiyang, China, and for tree consecutive years they have been guest of honor at the Charm of Song and Dance Concert organized by the Academy of Servian Folk Dancing. They also received a nomination from the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Vision Awards 2014 in the Arts and Culture category.