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MAIN STAGE: Sunday August 13 (5:00 pm- 6:00pm)

Peruvian, Latin-American and International tropical music. Manny Cardenas has been performing in front of the audiences large and small, since the age of four. He has been featured in many Canadian and Latin American newspapers and radio stations and has appeared on several TV networks including City TV, CBC, OMNI, TLN and UNIVISION-CANADA.

After establishing a solid foundation in traditional Peruvian and Latin American rhythms, Manny now finds himself fronting his own group which bears his name, “Manny Cardenas y Su Orquesta’’ which is quickly gaining recognition in Toronto for their polished sound and unique approach to Latin America’s most popular dance rhythms, salsa and cumbia.

A vibrant melting pot of Latin rhythms such as Bolero, Cha-Cha, Son, Salsa, Cumbia and more with a pinch of jazz, with lyrics both in Spanish and English, Latintrain’s goal is to engage all audiences and create a big party ambiance celebrating life and sounds anywhere they go.

For the past 4 years Latintrain been playing all around the GTA, proudly representing their roots and spreading the latin vibe in festivals like, Carabram, Carassauga, Coubourgh Latin Festival, Panamerican Jazz Festival, Inti Raimy and many more. Their goal in 2016 is to finish recording their first album that will contain a remix of great loved tunes as well as new original material.