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Saturday August 12 (4:15 pm)

We are thrilled to announce Chef Jagger Gordon and Feed it Forward will be at the Pan American Food & Music Festival on Aug 12, at 4.15 PM, hosting a Blind Basket food competition in collaboration with IGHEI* and UTIHP**, tasking local top chefs to create amazing dishes from typically-discarded ingredients.

Chef Gordon is bringing much-needed attention to the food waste crisis, and how rescued food can be re-purposed into something delicious and nutritious.

Feed it Forward was founded by Chef Jagger Gordon in 2015 as a response to the overwhelming numbers of people who go hungry in the community, despite $31 Billion worth of food wasted annually in Canada.

Supported by a small but ever-growing number of the GTA’s conscientious food producers and volunteers, this not-for-profit program ran every Monday in Nathan Phillips Square providing nutritious, hot meals to the city’s homeless and economically vulnerable.

Feed it Forward now runs the Soup Bar, Toronto’s first eatery operating on a pay-what-you-can and pay-it-forward basis, and is breaking new ground by launching a pay-what-you-can grocery store too.

These programs feed approximately 10,000 people per month, serving around 300 meals per day, every day of the week.

Feed it Forward is also working with the *Institute for Global Health Equity and Innovation (IGHEI) at the University of Toronto and students from University of Toronto International Health Program** (UTIHP), on a pilot project to be launched in Fall 2017, that will demonstrate how rescued food can be re-purposed into affordable, nutritious and delicious frozen meals, as a viable alternative to other food options available to students on a budget.

IGHEI is a pan-university institute that works at the intersection of health, equity, and social innovation. Through its activities, it promotes global health equity by forging, incubating and accelerating scalable, sustainable interventions that eradicate differences in health status that can be traced to unequal conditions that are systemic and avoidable.

UTIHP is an interdisciplinary student group and the largest student charity on campus, focusing on advocacy, knowledge translation and student empowerment. It trains members to become global citizens, empowering them to act as catalysts of change through engaging and working with other student organizations and the community beyond towards a healthier, more equitable future for all.

To arrange an interview with Chef Gordon or the Pan American Food & Music Festival, or for images, please contact: langfordsigne@gmail.com