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FREE FOOD DEMO: Sunday August 13 (12:00pm – 1:00pm)

Originally from Toulouse, France, a long time Parisian, this authentic gourmet lady, certified in French cuisine and pastry-chocolate, immigrated to Moncton (Acadie, New Brunswick) in 2005. She  worked with fine dining restaurants, started her own catering business and offered courses of French cooking and pastry.

Her independent research in culinary history led her to a collaboration with the Fortress of Louisbourg (Nova Scotia), a National Historic Site of Canada. She first worked to develop new recipes for the site’s restaurants. She after that offered culinary workshops to the public, inspired by the 18th century recipes. She wrote with Anne Marie Lane Jonah, the award winning book French Taste in Atlantic Canada, 1604-1758, A gastronomic history (CBU Press).

Now based in Toronto, she is still involved in several cooking, history and writing projects. Her company “My Creme Caramel” highlights French desserts (with the shiny and so French Creme Caramel) in the best events of the city and offers quality private and corporate catering throughout the year.