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MAIN STAGE: Saturday August 12 (5:00 pm- 6:00pm)

AstrA is a Colombian singer focusing on “musica urbana”. She started singing at the age of 7 years old, with all the support from her parents embraced music in a professional level. The first seed of her love for music was planted when she sang in an elementary school play in her home town of Colombia. At the age of 12 participated in many music contests and awarded by CityTV for her great talent and performance. Astra continued the pursuit of music throughout elementary school.

Her first single “Este Amor” produced by Camilo Vega and Eusemio Valderrama was launched in 2010 in the United States with a positive feedback booking performances and concerts between USA, Mexico and Colombia. Cortes entertainment is her own record production.”Bendita Soledad”, “Aquellas cartas” y “Doble de Edad” with Alberto Estalie, was a great hit in Colombia, Mexico, Centro America, Costa Rica, Guatemala y Panama.

“Dame Tiempo” was a song colaborated with Luny Tunes. “No se Tu” was selected in the  Top Ten radio in colombia and Top 15 billboard tropical in 2015.

“No vayas a pensar” was placed in the one of the top 5 in Colombia selected in the 20 sons most popular in the country.

“Como me gusta usted” was launched in July 2016, champeta urbana, and my latest is “Turn me on Fuego”  with a great radio feedback in USA, Mexico, Centro America y Colombia.

AstrA is currently opening new doors in the Canadian Market with her most upcoming song “Que Esperas” (fusion de cumbia urbana) by fall 2017